One day back in 1996, there were over 4,000 baseball coaches assembled at the Opryland Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee, for the 52nd annual American Baseball Coa…


    We welcome the return of Southern Arkansas University’s partnership with the United States military, which was announced recently.

  • Resources to help veterans with PTSD

    I’m honored to represent many incredible men and women in uniform, both active-duty and retired.

  • Arkansas House Weekly

    There are now more than 460,000 students enrolled in Arkansas public schools. And an additional 18,000 attend an open enrollment charter school.

  • State Capitol Week in Review

    Flooding has caused more than $100 million in damage to infrastructure in Arkansas, according to the governor’s request for federal relief.

  • What do you get excited about?

    There is a wonderful power that operates in the universe that appears to be almost magic when it’s understood and used in the proper way. This is the Magic Pow…


    There was no little bit of sugar to help the message go down recently when the head of the Magnolia Regional Medical Center addressed the Magnolia City Council…


    Columbia County is one of the more fortunate counties in South Arkansas when it comes to population losses and gains.

  • Arkansas House Weekly

    Whether it is rebuilding a family home or planning for the loss of crops, our state will be recovering from these historic floods for months to come.

  • Arkansas Strong

    The Arkansas River is experiencing historic flooding that has unfortunately resulted in Natural State homes, businesses and communities now finding themselves …

  • State Capitol Week in Review

    Elementary school students in Arkansas will get at least 40 minutes a day of recess under legislation approved earlier this year by the General Assembly.


    We congratulate the Magnolia Blossom Festival which this month marked the celebration’s 30th years milestone.

  • History Minute with Dr. Ken Bridges

    “Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul,” once wrote naturalist John …