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May 27, 2017
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Do you need to reboot?

Here is an interesting question that I would like to invite you to ponder with me for a few minutes today: Do you need to reboot?

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“Don’t Be Stupid” class needed in our schools

After recently watching a school bus driver in Louisiana drive a school bus full of children into floodwaters and almost turn over, and hearing of little children drowning here in Arkansas because their parents either didn’t have enough sense or weren’t cautious enough to avoid driving into roaring floodwaters, I feel compelled to write about the dangers of flooding.

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During the coming summer, residents of the Magnolia School District will be preparing to decide on an important issue.

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My first Mother's Day without Mama

Sunday was the first Mother’s Day without my being able to see, call, or send flowers to my mother. It was strange but I can’t say it was sad, because I know she’s not suffering.

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