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April 24, 2018
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The Association of Arkansas Counties recently heard good news about the governor’s intention regarding legislation that would increase the state’s Homestead Property Tax Credit, and that is a bit of good news for many Columbia County homeowners.

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Hannity’s unnecessary disclosure exposure

I hate going against the grain. (Actually, I love going against the grain.) I hate the condemnation I get when I do (actually, I love that, too) -- particularly when it comes from colleagues who are stumbling all over themselves to criticize broadcaster Sean Hannity for not disclosing his lawyer-client relationship with Donald Trump’s consigliere, Michael Cohen.

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We offer our congratulations and express our hometown pride in a native of Magnolia who will be honored Friday in Little Rock.

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There is a gross difference between Magnolia Memorial Park and 23rd Psalms cemeteries. Both are Perpetual Care Cemeteries that are owned by the same people/company.

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Desert island books and movies

We were watching a re-run of “The Office” (one of our favorite bygone TV shows) the other day, the one where there was a small fire in the office for which they had to clear the building.

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State Capitol Week in Review

The state Department of Education has released its annual report on school performance, giving each of the 1,040 schools in Arkansas a letter grade from A to F.

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