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Residents will soon need to bag trash

by Joshua Turner | September 15, 2023 at 4:00 a.m.
A Columbia County trash can sits by the curb on East North street in this file photo first published Aug. 25, 2023. (Joshua Turner / Banner News)

Starting Oct. 1, Columbia County residents will be required to bag trash for pickup or risk it not being picked up, according to Judge Doug Fields.

Fields said during a regular Quorum Court meeting on Monday that the contract the county has with Green For Life (GFL) for trash pickup requires that trash be bagged, but it has not been enforced.

"Stuff that sticks out that is not going to blow out or blow around like big boxes will be able (to be picked up). Trucks just don't seal off and stuff can get loose when the wind gets to blowing," said Fields.

Fields said that trash that is not bagged will not be picked up.

Justice of the Peace Russell Thomas said, "That is where I see a problem. If they leave it, we are going to see an influx of illegal dumping."

Fields said that GFL will be placing information about the change on residents' trash cans following pickup before enforcement begins.

Thomas also voiced concerns that some residents on a fixed income may have difficulty affording trash bags.

"How can we force people to buy trash bags? I know of a couple of municipalities that require trash bags, and they supply trash bags because they are required. We have $15 million in the solid waste fund and I am wondering if we can't buy some trash bags," said JP Jeremy Langley. "Even if we do not provide bags to every house in the county, we could have trash bags available... and they can come get them."

JP Oliver Thomas said, "All of these years it has not been enforced. Why are they enforcing it now?"

"In the city, they have started getting fines for trash that has been blowing out," said Fields.

No decision was made on if or how the city might provide free trash bags to residents.

Print Headline: Residents will soon need to bag trash


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