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Magnolia ends summer averaging

by Joshua Turner | March 28, 2023 at 4:00 a.m.
The ordinance to end summer averaging receives its third reading. (Joshua Turner / Banner News)

The Magnolia City Council voted to end the Summer Averaging program on Thursday.

The summer averaging program previously averaged the sewage costs of Magnolia residents to be similar to what it was the previous winter.

According to Mayor Parnell Vann, this was done to not charge residents for water usage that would not be going into the sewer such as watering a yard, filling a pool, slip and slides and other summer activities.

The program is ending due to the harassment water department workers received when averaging ended in the fall.

At the January meeting when the ordinance was introduced Vann said, "What we have found over the last five years, as in October, when your sewer bill goes back to its regular charge- the disrespect that the ladies in the office are having to endure from the customers, the language, the lack of respect for them. This year I was in the office pretty much the entire month of October and got a good ear full of it. On three different occasions, I had to get up and go over and explain to the customer that we did not go up on your rate. We are not ripping you off."

Only 28% of residents were affected by Summer Averaging and it lowered their sewage costs by about ten to fifteen dollars a month.

Residents interested in not being charged for sewage on the water used for summer activities can pay to have an irrigation water meter installed on their property.

Costs for the installation of the meter vary but can be as much as $975 before hiring a plumber to hook up any water spigots or sprinklers.

Customers can call the Magnolia Water Department at 870-234-2022 to request a quote and make an installation appointment.

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