More than 2K customers without power in Magnolia

The Entergy outage map shows the widespread power outage affecting Magnolia residents.

Update: (3:06 p.m.)  Power has come back on for many of the affected customers. No information on the cause of the outage has yet to be released.

Update: (3:27 p.m.) According to Wasson, Entergy crews were able to isolate a fault in a transmission line and feed the substation from a different direction. All customers have had their power restored. Entergy is investigation the fault in the transmission line.

Update: (5:12 p.m.) According to Wasson a tree was found on the transmission line. The tree is being removed and the line put back into service.

A power outage affecting the south side of Magnolia started around 2 p.m. Tuesday.

Entergy Representative Chris Wasson said the outage is affecting an estimated 2,700 customers.

Wasson said, "We believe the outage occurred from an issue at the substation on the south side of town. We currently have trucks and crews en route but until they get to the substation to assess the issue, we do not know the actual cause of the outage."

Wasson said that he currently believes power will be back on at 4:30 p.m. at the earliest, but it could take longer depending on the actual issue.

This is a developing story. The Banner-News will provide updates as they become available.