Keep Arkansas Beautiful urges Arkansans to consider recycling and litter prevention practices during the holiday season

The Keep Arkansas Beautiful Commission (KAB) has issued a statement urging Arkansans to practice litter prevention and recycling habits during the holiday season.

"It's important to remember that we must all do our part to keep our communities clean," said Colbie Jones, director at KAB. "This holiday season, we want to encourage Arkansans across the state to consider implementing easy best practices to reduce waste and promote recycling."

Studies show that between Thanksgiving and New Year's Eve, Americans generate 25% more waste than at any other time of the year, equating to approximately one million tons of extra waste every week. To combat this increase in waste, KAB recommends households consider the following best practices:

Composting: Composting is a great way to reduce food waste this holiday season. Compost container options range from multi-chamber rotating bins to countertop machines that can turn waste into soil in four hours, and free guides are easy to find online.

Reusable Grocery Totes: While shopping for groceries and other household items during the holiday season, keep reusable grocery bags easily accessible to reduce the need for plastic bags.

Washable Dishes: Consider using reusable dishes instead of paper and plastic plates, cups and serveware.

Other waste reduction options include the following:

Store gift bags and boxes that are in good shape in a bin to recycle and use next season. This can save money on future bags and boxes and keep them out of landfills.

Those who have leftover food can take these items to local shelters for displaced or unhoused individuals or to local first responder stations.

Arkansans who are using real Christmas trees can find an Arkansas Game and Fish Commission drop-off site when the holidays are over. As part of its Habitat for the Holidays program, Game and Fish uses the donated trees to create more fish habitats in Arkansas' many lakes.

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About Keep Arkansas Beautiful

The Keep Arkansas Beautiful Commission (KAB), consisting of a professional staff of three and a nine-member advisory board appointed by the governor, is a division of the Arkansas Department of Parks, Heritage and Tourism. KAB is a certified state affiliate of Keep America Beautiful Inc. KAB inspires and educates individuals to reduce litter, recycle and keep Arkansas beautiful. KAB is funded by 1% of the eighth-cent Conservation Tax.

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