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Annual water distribution system flushing begins May 10

by Special to the Banner-News | May 8, 2021 at 2:25 p.m.
This undated file photo shows a dripping faucet. Magnolia Utilities stated that the purpose for the flushing of the distribution system is to maintain the best water quality as possible and remove sediments and buildup from the water mains. (file photo)

Magnolia Utilities will start their annual distribution system flushing on Monday, May 10, 2021.

The purpose is to maintain the best water quality as possible and remove sediments and buildup from the water mains.

This will also allow the utility to test the operation of the fire hydrants.

Flushing of the distribution mains will take place systematically throughout the evening hours of 7pm - 10pm nightly. Our goal is to flush as much of the system as possible before water demand increases for the summer months. Customers are asked to keep water usage to a minimum during the period that their section is being flushed to reduce pulling discolored water into household plumbing.

If just the cold water is discolored, try flushing toilets and running cold water through the bathtub until it clears. If just the hot water is discolored, have the hot water tank flushed. This will have to be done by the customer.

We do not recommend washing white or light-colored laundry during the customers’ area of flushing to keep clothes from being stained from discolored water.

All discolored water complaints will be addressed by the office @ 870-234-2022, but customers are asked not to call the office until after 3 p.m.

May 10- May 15 Area 2 Customers

South of West Greene, West of North Jackson, East of North Height, North of West North, North of West Greene, South of Harvey Couch Boulevard, East of North Jackson, North and west of East North, South of East Columbia, North of East Columbia, South of East Greene and West of U.S. 79.

May 17 – May 23 Area 3 & 4 Customers

East of North Jackson ,North of East Greene, South of East University, West of U.S. 79, East of Pearce, North of East University, North to North Acres Subdivision, Along Dudney Road to Sherry Lane, East of Lelia, North of Calhoun Road, South of East Main, West of U.S. 79, East of Verda, East North Street, North of East Main, South of Pittman, East University (east of U.S. 79), Warnock Springs Road, Forest Place Subdivision, Columbia Road 36, U.S. 82 East and All subdivisions along these routes.

May 24 – May 28 Area 1 Customers

East of Boundary, North of West Calhoun, West of North Jackson, South of West North, South of West Calhoun, West of South Jackson, East of South Jackson, North of Renfroe and Calhoun Road, West of South Verda and South of East North.


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