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Moore answers frequently asked questions about vaccine distribution

by Rhett Gentry | February 13, 2021 at 6:00 a.m.

The following is a list of frequently asked questions to the COVID-19 Hotline answered by Ivy Moore, owner of Wilson Bearden Pharmacy, the COVID-19 vaccine distributor for Columbia County:

Who or what number will call me?

“You need to be sure and answer all of your phone calls at this time. We have a lot of volunteers helping us and it could be a strange number that you do not recognize. We will not ask for your social security number, but we will ask for your birth date to verify if you are with the 70 and older group.”

Where are they giving the vaccines?

“We have different churches and we are using their facilities. We have gone to schools, we have gone to SAU. We are trying to find places with a large area where we can vaccinate people quickly.”

Do I have a choice of vaccines?

“We don’t have a choice of vaccine. Right now, the only one that we get is Moderna. Moderna is our only choice right now.”

When will the next age group be allowed to sign up?

“They are making us get through this age group with the educators. Once we get through that one, we will get to essential workers, and after that, we will get to the next age group (65 and older).”

I have my name on the list, but I have not been called. When will I get my appointment?

“Hang tight with us. We will get to you. If you have called us, your name is on there and we will call you. We are not getting many vaccines right now, but once we receive a shipment, they are all used within around two days.”


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