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Real estate transactions recorded in the Columbia County Circuit Clerk’s Office for the weeks ending Oct. 18, 2019:

James (J.C.) Oliver and Maxine Oliver to Fredrick Fields, Pt. NW/4 SE/4, Section 21, Township 19 South, Range 20 West, 1 acre, NSR.

Caesar J. Brown et al to Benjear Pickings, SE/4 NW/4, Section 29, Township 16 South, Range 20 West, $10.

Calvin Dale White and Genevieve White to Lacey Fincher, Lot 16, Block “B”, according to the final Plat of Treasure Hill Estates, Section 17, Township 17 South, Range 20 West, $22,000.

Rose Stewart and Joe Stewart, et al, to Avery A. Rose and Karen M. Rose, S/2 SW/4, Section 13, 80 acres, and NW/4, Section 24, 160 acres, all in Township, Range 20 West, $216,000.

Bumble Bee Investments LLC to Dillon Walker McGee and Kayla Ann McGee, NWC, Section 22, Township 16 South, Range 21 West, 2 acres, in the SW/4 NW/4, Section 22, $110,000.

The Hollis Ceceile Eads Limited Partnership to Timberland Services LLC, SW/4 SW/4, and NW/4 SW/4, all in Section 3, Township 18 South, Range 19 West, 80 acres, AND 10 acres in the form of a square in NEC NE/4 SE/4, Section 4, Township 18 South, Range 19 West, $119,485.

Clarence Reed and Vanessa H. Reed to Rossie Curry and Henry Lee Young, Lot 13, Block 2 of the Booth Addition to the City of Magnolia, $12,850.

James Latson Souter and Rhonda Souter to John Stephenson and Pamela Stephenson, N/2 NE/4 NE/4, Section 25, Township 19 South, Range West, $48,500.

Catherine Nell Dees to Charles Wymon Young, Pt. NW/4 SE/4, Section 18, Township 17 South, Range 19 West, 3.5 acres, NSR.

Phyllis Bennett to Danny E. Fitzpatrick and Rebecca J. Fitzpatrick, Pt. Lot 10, Block 1 of the Broadmoor Subdivision, 0.3285 acres, $270,000.

Bank OZK to Mandy Ezell, $80,000.

Ernest I. Hammock Jr. and Linda Eugenia Hammock to Tim Young, tract of land located in Pt. SE/4 SE/4, Section 17, Township 18 South, Range 19 West, 6.095 acres, NSR.

Sophia Murphy Steppes to Luther Murphy Jr., SW/4 SE/4, Section 29, Township 19 South, Range 20 West, 40 acres, also beginning at SWC, Lot 31 of the Lowe Addition to the City of Magnolia, And Lots 1 and 2 of the Pickler Addition to the City of Magnolia, NSR.

Sam Mark Rowe and Joan Rowe to Lafayette County Abstract & Title Inc., intent of the grantors to convey all of their interest in the estate of Nat Martin, $125.

Katie Rowe to Lafayette Abstract & Title Inc., it in the intent of the grantor to convey all of her interest in the estate of Nat Martin, $62.50.

Charles L. Talley and Janet L. Talley, Trustees, to Charles L. and Janet L. Talley Revocable Trust, E/2 SW/4 SW/4, Section 36, Township 19 South, Range 22 West, 20 acres, NSR.

Monty James Glasscock and Zane Robert Glasscock, Kimberley Glasscock to Theodore Shoemaker and Caitlin Shoemaker, Pt. NE/4 NE/4, Section 8, Township 16 South, Range 20 West, 1.45 acres, NSR.

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