The following persons were recently booked into the Columbia County Detention Center, according to the facility’s inmate roster. Suspects are presumed innocent. Charges may vary after court appearances.

Magnolia Police Department:

Hayden Thomas Foster, 28, May 20, violation of probation, bond $15,000; released May 20.

Lamarcus Devonte Curry, May 18, failure to appear-misdemeanor, bond $550.

Stacey Kenyon Smith, 42, May 18, aggravated assault, bond $0.

David Michael Richardson, 27, May 16, possession of meth, possession of paraphernalia, no headlights, bond $50,000.

Columbia County Sheriff’s Office:

Christia Ann Cook, 26, May 20, terroristic threatening-first degree, bond $25,000; released May 20.

Kristen Gail Harper, 34, May 19, indecent exposure, disorderly conduct, bond $565.

Bernard A. Box, 25, May 17, child support, bond $2,500.

Brandon Ortiz Woods, 38, May 17, violation of probation, bond $1,000.

Stacy R. Williams, May 18, domestic battery-third degree, driving while suspended, bond $735.

Christina Nicole Stanley Messer, 36, May 16, violation of SIS, bond $1,000.

Christopher Alford Russell, 38, May 16, revocation of bond, bond $50,000.

Doris J. Lindsey, 68, May 16, aggravated assault on family, bond $2,500.

Arkansas State Police:

Benny Stanton Butler, 52, May 17, failure to appear-Class C Felony, bond $5,990.

Ricardo Montalban Thomas, 49, May 16, failure to appear-misdemeanor, bond $2,975.


The Magnolia Fire Department reports no incidents.

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