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ARKADELPHIA - Magnolia captured district swim championships in bothy the boys’ and girls’ division Saturday in Arkadelphia on the Henderson State University campus.

The teams now have two weeks before the state swimming championships at the Bentonville Aquatic Center on Feb. 23.

The Class 4A-1A South Conference Meet included Arkadelphia, Bauxite, Camden Fairview and Magnolia.

The Lady Panthers scored 473 overall points, while the Panthers racked up 386 overall points.

The following swimmers came home with all first place medals:

• Elizabeth Wilson, 200m IM and 100m freestyle.

• Carwin Edwards, 200m freestyle and 100m butterfly.

• Bailey McCook, 50m free style 100m breaststroke.

Swimmers placing first and second 2nd overall in their individual events include:

• Hayden Rogers, second, 200m freestyle and first, 500m freestyle.

• Natalie Boyd, first, 200m freestyle; and second, 100m breaststroke.

• Logan Riley, second, 200m Intermediate Medley (IM) and first,100m backstroke.

• Emma Grace Ellington, second, 200m IM and first, 500m freestyle.

• Lindy Westfall, first, 100m butterfly; second, 200m freestyle.

• Isaiah Williams, first 200m IM and second, 500m freestyle.

• Olivia Ferguson, first 50m freestyle; second, 100m backstroke.

• Harrison McWilliams, first, 100m freestyle; second. 100m backstroke.

Swimmers placing second and third were:

• Elise McWilliams, 500m freestyle; third 200m freestyle.

• Erin-Kaye Daniel, second 100m butterfly.

• Zach Cisneros, third, 50m freestyle.

• Kera Middleton, third, 200m IM.

• Leila Dadgar, third 500m freestyle.

Every Magnolia relay team brought home first-place honors.

They included:

• 200m Medley Girls (Olivia Ferguson, Natalie Boyd, Lindy Westfall and Elizabeth Wilson).

• 200m Medley Boys (Logan Riley, Isaiah Williams, Carwin Edwards and Bailey McCook).

• 200m Freestyle Girls (Olivia Ferguson, Emma Grace Ellington, Elizabeth Wilson and Natalie Boyd).

• 200m Freestyle Boys (Hayden Rogers, Harrison McWilliams, Logan Riley and Zach Cisneros).

• 400m Freestyle Girls (Kaitlyn Disedare, Kera Middleton, Elise McWilliams and Amya Reeves).

• 400m Freestyle Boys (Isaiah Williams, Carwin Edwards, Hayden Rogers and Bailey McCook).

Last week in Bryant, Magnolia participated in the Old South Last Chance Meet, which included teams from all conferences across the state.

The Lady Panthers placed third overall with 177 points, out of the 12 teams present.

The Panthers placed fourth overall out of the 12 teams that participated.

High point swimmers were Natalie Boyd with 23 individual points and Isaiah Williams with 27 individual points.

The next day the Panthers and Lady Panthers traveled to El Dorado for their final meet of the regular season.

They competed against El Dorado, Camden Fairview and Benton.

The Panthers placed first overall with 318 overall points and the Lady Panthers placed second overall with 404 points, only five out of first place.

High point swimmers were Olivia Ferguson with 36 individual points and Logan Riley with 33 individual points.

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