Real estate transactions recorded in the Columbia County Circuit Clerk’s Office for the week ending June 15, 2018:

Paul H. Bonds, et al, to Kevin Barker, Lot 1, Block E, Green Forrest Addition to the City of Magnolia, $110,000.

RSBL Investments, LLC, to Sherry Phelps and Rebecca Lout, W 60 ft. of Lots 37, 38, 39, 40, and 41, of the McKnight and Runyan Addition to the Town of McNeil, $28,000.

Jeffrey A. and Lisa C. Neil Family Trust to Mitchell Bradley Owens and Danielle R. Owens, Lot 9 of Deer Creek Subdivision, Phase I of the City of Magnolia, $370,000.

City of Magnolia, Arkansas, to Kevin Barker, S/2 of Lot 84 and all of Lot 85, Block “J”, Original Survey to the City of Magnolia, $10,000.

Newman D. Dansby and Marva J. Dansby to Derrick L. Berry and Sharee Berry, Lot 12 B lock “C” of Woodland Acres Subdivision, Columbia County, $275,500.

Terry Joe Keith and Jan Keith, et al, to Charles R. Aldridge Jr., and Mary Aldridge, Pt. NW/4 NW/4, Section 21, Township 17 South, Range 22 West, 3 acres, $80,000.

Gloria Carson Scoggin and Darryl Scoggin to Sabrina Thomas, to Lot 7 and W. 18 feet of Lot 8, Block B in J.Y. Stevens Subdivision, 13 acres, $20,000.

Philip L. Smith to Chase Humphreys Pt. NW/4 SE/4 and Pt. SW/4 SE/4, Section 29, Township 19 South, Range 21 West, $23,500.

Wes Bennett and Kaci Bennett to Brandon Haynes and Sonja Bishop, Lot 5 of Guy Wilson Northwest Addition to the City of Magnolia, $112,000.

JLW Investments, LLC, to Melanie Crumpler and Kyle Crumpler, Lot 14 and E/2 of Lot 13 of the Revised Gean Addition to the City of Magnolia, $125,000.

Tom Sawyer and Kelli Sawyer to Joshua Guess, Pt. of SW/4 SE/4, Section 26, Township 16 South, Range 21 West, $352,000.

Nora Ann Knight Corcoran to Bryant Wayne Burns, E/2 of SE/4 NE/4, and the W/2 of SE/4 of NE/4, Section 3, Township 19 South, Range 22 West, 40 acres, $16,000.

JLW Investments, LLC, to Chris Drake and Molly Drake, Tract 1, (1226 Felix, Magnolia, AR), Tract 2 (1122 Felix, Magnolia, AR), Tract 3, (1412 Terrace, Magnolia, AR), $152,500.

William Parker and Valerie Parker to John Carter Roberson and Sharon Renee Roberson, Pt. SW/4 NW/4, Section 30, Township 16 South, Range 19 West, $55,000.

James M. Calhoun and Gaye L. Calhoun to Gary Lynn Burley and Kaye H. Burley, Tract 1, SWC, NW/4 NE/4, Section 36, Township 16 South, Range 21 West, 0.97 acres, and other lands, $145,000.

Jako Homes, LLC, to Clarence Keopple and Marsha Keopple, Lot 57 of Revised Old Country Club Addition to the City of Magnolia, $20,000.

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